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Terms of reference


As a charity and company limited by guarantee, the Trust is governed by a board of trustees (the Board) who have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for all the work of the Trust, including the establishing and running of the establishments and college maintained by the Trust (the establishments and each an establishment).

In order to support the effective operation of the Trust and the Establishments, the Board has established a number of committees to which it has delegated certain of its powers and functions. These terms of reference (Terms of Reference) set out the constitution, membership and proceedings of the committees the Board has established.

In summary, the Board has established two different types of committee:

  • Main Board committees which are established to deal with Trust-wide matters such as Audit & Risk, Standards and Business (Board Committees); and
  • Local governing bodies which are established by the Board to support the effective operation of the Establishments (LGBs),

Together the Committees.

The Board will review these Terms of References together with the membership of the Committees at least once every twelve months.

These Terms of Reference may only be amended by the Board. The functions, duties and proceedings of Committees set out in these Terms of Reference shall also be subject to any regulations made by the Board from time to time.

Date last approved by the Board: December 2023

Date for next review: September 2024