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Staff Support

IT Support

The following links are for staff reporting Trust IT Support issues, and tools to help us supply remote support.
  • Support — this will take you to the Helpdesk to report issues and request support.
  • — this will download the tool we use for remote support to pc's and laptops. 
  • — this will check access to the remote support service, if we have issues connecting to you.


We are all affected by poor physical and mental health at times during our lives, and it is important the appropriate support is available in a timely manner.

Health and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility, and we encourage an open and honest culture whereby anyone can discuss any issues they may have.  

The Trustees of Creating Tomorrow take the health and wellbeing of all employees seriously and are committed to supporting our staff. The Trustees ensure that support for staff is available through:

  • Effective line management
  • Commitment to reducing workload
  • Supportive and professional working environments
Employee support programs

Updated: May 2022