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Scheme of Delegation & Academy Trust Articles

This Scheme:

  • Sets out the Trust’s approach to delegations between the different layers of governance within the Trust and is a delegation by the Trustees under Article 105 of the Articles of Associations of certain powers and/or functions as detailed below;
  • Confirms which powers and functions are reserved to the Trustees;
  • Should be read in conjunction with the Trust’s Committee Terms of Reference;
  • May only be altered or revoked by the Trustees.

The Trust’s Scheme of Financial Delegation, which the Trust is required to have under the Academies Trust Handbook, is set out in a separate document and also supplements this Scheme in respect of the delegation of financial powers and the operation of robust internal controls.

The Scheme is divided into four sections as follows:

  • Strategy & Leadership;
  • Education & Curriculum;
  • Financial;
  • HR & Operations.

To assist interpretation of the matters delegated in the Scheme it uses defined phrases which are supplemented by additional comment as appropriate. The defined phrases should be given their common meaning, but for the avoidance of doubt an explanation can be found here.

(Adopted on June 22nd 2017, updated September 2019, October 2020, October 2021)